About Us

We are pleased to introduce to you our latest savings app that will help you reach your savings goal effortlessly. It is a digital platform created to help you start your savings journey by saving your spare change.

How does SaveEZ work?

SaveEZ rounds off your spendings and invests the difference in digital gold. It is an easy and innovative way to save and invest money regularly.

What are the benefits of using the SaveEZ app?

With SaveEZ, you can increase your wealth safely by buying and selling gold digitally at the best rates.

Create a habit of saving by auto investing small sums, which can be withdrawn at any point of time.

Absolutely secure, with options of pause, re-start or withdraw savings at any time.

100% secure

Backed by NCPI & UPI service providers of india. We want the users to have a seamless experience on the app. Refer your friends and family to earn referral points and start your savings journey.

Goal setting

Set your savings goal and start saving and investing on the app. With SaveEZ you will have full control of your finances. You can pause or withdraw your savings at any time.


1. Login with your phone number or email id to create an account.

2. Choose your savings plan.

3. Set up UPI autopay.

4. Sit back and let your money grow.

5. Click on the withdraw funds option to sell your accumulated gold & get money directly in your account.